Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WHOA halloween overload!

okay so i have a lot to post. school and crafting has been keeping me busy busy. i cant wait to be done with school! it bores me this semester. aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyyywwwwwaaaayssssss here is what i have been up to.......

I got my halloween polishes from Julep. the green glitter looks really super cool, but it is only really super cool if put over green polish. it has iridescent glitters in it and the plus about it is that it was really easy to take off!

 Okay, the silver spider webs below were cheats. they are the nail wraps. these ones came from spirit halloween and didn't even last a full 24 hours. they are really thin. wrinkled to all hell and back when applying. i even coated the edges with nail glue so they would last longer. yeeeaaah, after working out and showering then heading on my hour and 15 minute trip to school and sitting thru 3 hours of class, i no longer had them on my nails. they started to chip almost immediately when i got in the shower. i coudn't take it anymore so i picked it off at class. the orange and spider is all me tho. LONG story short, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE NAIL WRAPS AT THE HALLOWEEN STORE!

i am super, mega excited about my toes! i love them!!! the inspiration is below. and for those of you ding dongs who dont know who it is, it's JASON! and blood splatters

i did these spider webs real quick after i got home from class where i picked off the crappy silver web stickers

 these babies are the most recent design that i did. the zombie craze is taking over the world!!!

i used the green glitter polish from julep over top of the green base i used on these nails. 


the zombie face was on my thumbs. i used a gray base and sponged on dark green so is a little different than the video below in the link

zombie face tutorial