Thursday, July 12, 2012


sorry for not posting. ive been busy doing family and i (hubby and stepson) were on vacation in florida visiting my parents, sisters, niece, and nephew. we all had a good time and got mega sunburnt! i did lost of different designs while i was down there. will post now!

below were the nails that i did the day before we left. i couldnt travel having unpainted digits!


when we got there and unloaded the jeep, it was hot as hell so we jumped in the pool. of course, my polish picked off so i had to do these real quick for the next day....sleeping meds were kicking in halfway thru painting...

below are my nieces nails. she wanted sprinkles (cavier) and cuppies. so of course she gets what she wants. i redid them a couple times while i was there since the pool + ocean + gymnastics + 6 yr old picking at her nails = no polish left

below are my little sisters nails. she wanted the bright animal print design that i previously did on my nails around, oh, memorial day (?). again, she gets what she wants. she was so excited because i painted them sunday and it didnt chip until thursday. lol

^^dont ask. she is weird sometimes^^

below is the design i did for the 4th of july. it lasted a day and that was it. we didnt really do anything for the holiday because my parents had to work so my stepson, hubby, and i watched neighbors fireworks from the hot tub....again, my polish picked off from soaking.

below are my sister anna's nails. she wanted bright sugar skulls and glitter. she got what she wanted. i do not like it. hey hey! she picked the colors. i only did what she wanted me to do so as long as she liked it, thats all that matters.

again, below are nails that i did on myself, again....figured i would be festive since we were on vacation in florida so i did a sunrise/set with palms and birds.


NAUTICAL NONSENSE below! i only had time to do one hand tho :( i starting painting them the night before we left and got super tired. i finished my lefty on sunday before my paint and polish had to be packed away and didnt have time to finish them before the polish chipped and i started picking at it.

we shall see what tomorrow brings...i have a couple designs up my sleeves (lol i have a sleeveless shirt on)  that i want to give a go at and my tootsies need painted too! im sick (of course) so i am working from home the rest of the week. im sure i will get more nail painting and house cleaning done than work tho. shhhh dont tell :)