Sunday, April 21, 2013

missing halloween :(

everyone that reads/follows knows i love halloween so there is no explanation as to why i did a "halloweenish" design in spring. i did this mani a couple days ago...

anyways, i painted my nails purple but the purple i had was too dark and the black didnt show up so i had to sponge a light purple on after painting them the darker purple. its a purple i got from hot topic awhile ago and never used and it surprisingly is wearing well (4 days so far). 

i also stumbled across this facebook page if you are into nail stamping. she has some cool plates and ships to the US! 5 plates is $7usd, for 10 is $10 and for 20 plates is $15 <~ i asked her how much to ship. maybe i will invest in some of her plates. i think i need the hello kitty ones.....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

blowing kisses

i got this idea from a tattoo that i saw. however, the lady was blowing kisses to her dog instead of a cat and well, since i like cats a ton lot more than dogs, i painted a kitty. lets just call the kitty koda. of course my top coat smeared the hearts. idk why i shouldnt expect it to do that :/

i used the pink holo polish as a base. i shouldve picked something else because it doesn't wear that long (1 - 2 days max). i forgot......

i also started a craft because i was bored. i found this hideous wreath in my craft closet and decided that it is just not up to par to hang on the front door. so i tore it all apart, painted it, and added things that more suit the keiper residence. 

finished.....blood splatter and all

i usually go over board when i do stuff like this so i tried to hold myself back from covering it with too many black flowers and halloween picks that i have laying around. sooooooo this is my new wreath for the front door to keep up in between holidays.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

animated cartoon nails part 2

did my nails to match my toes, finally. did it a couple days ago so its not on anymore. more broken nails :( no motivation. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cartoon nails

okay so i have been seeing these everywhere online lately and i have had them saved on my computer under my nail art file for awhile and ive had them pinned on my nail board for like 2 months. figured i would give a go at it. however, my nails are square (toes and fingers) so they aren't the same. but i only did my toes so far.  i'm planning on doing my nails eventually too....maybe when i'm done with school work for the week.


ugh horrible!

i hated this. it took only a couple minutes but it got totally jacked up since i didnt wait for it to dry before getting on the playstation to cuss people out on call of duty. it was a huge pain in the ass too take off to. ((REMEMBER ME SAYING THAT I ONLY HAD CLEAR ON MY NAILS?) well i painted this over top of the clear gel polish. after i took it off, i cut my nails down. UGH UGH UGH! spring = short nails. i can't wait until fall. 

gel polish

so i am not happy at all with this color. i bought it because it looked bright red on the box but it was more of a coral. i am also very disappointed in the quality of the polish. it lasted for about 3 days before it chipped. it is the same brand that i have that came with the light (sensationail) but apparently the new stuff isn't as good as the old product. 

when i said my nails all broke off, i was serious. the pointer on this hand is broke too. it is broken too far don to rip it off the whole way so it's glued together right now. 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

nothing new

sorry for the lack of updates. i haven't really done anything to my nails but break them. funny that they are fine in the winter, getting uber long then as it is the first day of spring, literally half of them break down way short. wonder if there is a correlation between nail growth and weather. guess that is something that i ill have to would think that cold weather would cause more breaking instead of the other way around like my nails. maybe it is just because i love cold weather.

but anyways, im super unmotivated to do anything to my nails since half of them are broken :/ there are lots of new things i want to try but for now, i just have on clear gel polish .