Thursday, January 26, 2012

emily the strange and new stuff

okay so i said i wasnt going to paint my nails for a bit but i just bought an emily the strange book from the book store at school for $1.99 and was inspired to look for an emily the strange nail design. well, i found one!

^^^her eyes were not even and all wrong after i did them^^^

^^^i fixed them when i got home from class but now the white is brighter and it looks like she has white bags under her eyes^^^

^^^kitties with a lop sided eye on the pointer finger^^^
im not good at painting or drawing eyes. i cant ever get them the same so i dont really like to do them...

^^^sabbath, mystery, nee chee, and miles^^^

 ^^^right hand is plaid^^^ i gave up for the night and just did this awful job real fast


another tutorial

now on to the new stuff.....i got these adorable hello kitty face and bow filmos on ebay.....(still patiently ((insert sarcasm here)) waiting for other items that were "shipped" to get here)

^^^got this on amazon. havent tried it cause my nails are done but the last picture on here shows what it would look like, im guessing, after playing around with the glitter to get it where you want it.^^^

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