Sunday, September 23, 2012

zombie hk

i made hk into a zombie like i said i was going to. just sponged on some green and added some blood. nothing spectacular.....


YAAAAAAAAAAY! i ordered and received new polishes from rainbow polish! i got them on saturday and was soooooo excited to try them. the names of the polishes are monarch and static tv. i had to get static tv because im obsessed with all things black and white and i buy every black and white glitter polish i can find! but i havent tried static tv yet. this is my first order from rainbow polish and definitely wont be my last!

monarch is described on the etsy store page as:
 "Orange, yellow and black glitters fill this bottle that reminds me of a monarch butterfly. The monarch butterfly was the inspiration for this latest polish.This polish contains, different colors and sizes of hex and square matte glitter in a suspension base. Does not contain bar glitters."

it does resemble a monarch butterfly but reminds me more of HALLOWEEN (which i love!!!!) the black glitter is matte but the big orange and yellow glitter is a little shiny. there are also tiny orange glitters in the polish. i put it over a white base. it was the first color i had on the top of my polish tote. topped off with seche vite. the pics of it are below!

i havent tried static tv yet. it is described as:
"The signal is lost and the screen goes static. Shown on swatches as one and two coats. This polish contains black and white, hex, bar and square glitters of various sizes all in a suspension base."

again the black is matte and the white has a little shine to it like the yellow and orange in monarch.the description above is pretty accurate!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

pink of hearts 2012

okay so i broke down and got a hair cut yesterday. i hate getting hair cuts because when i get a hair but, they always wash my hair and as everyone knows, when it is cut wet, it always ends up being shorter once it is dried....soooooooo my TRIM ended up being shorter than i wanted but it feels nice and healthy tho. anyways, when at the salon, i couldnt pass up the OPI pink of hearts 2012 two pack for only (GASP) $8.50. WHAT?! two bottles for $8.50 you say? YES! thats what i said! but the colors are a light pink called  "i think in pink" and a glitter called "you glitter be good to me." so here are some pics....all of the pics i took were in the sunlight (either outside or in my jeep)

^^look how cute the bottles are!^^

This below is the design that i had on this past week before i bought the pink and HAD to try it out. yes, more leopard. im leopard obsessed!!!! anything leopard, i have to have! but yea, the heart on my left hand is crooked. that always happens. i can draw them on paper but everytime i try on my hand, it doesnt work. but all of the following pics were taken under a sunlight light bulb.

Monday, September 10, 2012


oh! i forgot to mention that i scored a buncha sweet stuff at sally's this weekend. for all you crackle fans, get your butt to sally's cause the store has their sparkly crackle on clearance...and some super sweet PINK limp plumper!!!! AWESEOME

told ya

told yall i would update this weekend. finally done with my school work thats due tomorrow...finally done halloween crafting for the day (i ran outta glue sticks for my glue gun)....finally done cleaning for the yeah, i havent been up to many new nail designs. as i said, i really want to start doing halloween designs. i might do one on tuesday if i can get my wednesday school work done tomorrow. lol does that make sense??? it does to me.....

^red and wine ombre. yes it looks black but for those of you who don't know, the wine polish color is a dark dark dark reddish/purple^

i got some free nail wraps in the mail and wanted to try them out. it said they are to last 10 days and well, they didn't. i even sealed the edges with nail glue. i guess they would last 10 days if you didn't have to type, clean, do dishes, wash your hair....ya know, live your life. im not going to mention what brand they are since they are not getting a good review. also, most of the sizes that came in the packs were either toooooo big or tooooo small. i guess i have odd shaped nails. idk. but the leopard and zebra are nail wraps. as i said, i wanted to test them out and i was pressed for time.

i have a black kitty. his name is koda. i suck at painting eyes but the droopy eyes look like my kitty's even though i wasn't going for sleepy eyed koda.

of course, some hk on the toes. it wont stay on long because they will soon be outta season....unless i paint green faced zombie hello kitty! <~ a very good possibility!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

dear peepers and creepers

sorry peepers and creepers that i haven't updated in awhile. i will try to do so this weekend. a new semester started and, of course, im busting my ass doing all the work. i am kid free this weekend and hubs has drill so i will have some free time on my hands......SEE YALL THEN!


p.p.s. is it too early to start doing halloween nail designs??????????? i dont really think i can wait any longer on the nail designs or halloween decorations!

^^my newest addition to my halloween collection. she totally does not match any of my spooky stuff but i had to have it since its hk^^