Monday, September 10, 2012

told ya

told yall i would update this weekend. finally done with my school work thats due tomorrow...finally done halloween crafting for the day (i ran outta glue sticks for my glue gun)....finally done cleaning for the yeah, i havent been up to many new nail designs. as i said, i really want to start doing halloween designs. i might do one on tuesday if i can get my wednesday school work done tomorrow. lol does that make sense??? it does to me.....

^red and wine ombre. yes it looks black but for those of you who don't know, the wine polish color is a dark dark dark reddish/purple^

i got some free nail wraps in the mail and wanted to try them out. it said they are to last 10 days and well, they didn't. i even sealed the edges with nail glue. i guess they would last 10 days if you didn't have to type, clean, do dishes, wash your hair....ya know, live your life. im not going to mention what brand they are since they are not getting a good review. also, most of the sizes that came in the packs were either toooooo big or tooooo small. i guess i have odd shaped nails. idk. but the leopard and zebra are nail wraps. as i said, i wanted to test them out and i was pressed for time.

i have a black kitty. his name is koda. i suck at painting eyes but the droopy eyes look like my kitty's even though i wasn't going for sleepy eyed koda.

of course, some hk on the toes. it wont stay on long because they will soon be outta season....unless i paint green faced zombie hello kitty! <~ a very good possibility!

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