Sunday, September 23, 2012


YAAAAAAAAAAY! i ordered and received new polishes from rainbow polish! i got them on saturday and was soooooo excited to try them. the names of the polishes are monarch and static tv. i had to get static tv because im obsessed with all things black and white and i buy every black and white glitter polish i can find! but i havent tried static tv yet. this is my first order from rainbow polish and definitely wont be my last!

monarch is described on the etsy store page as:
 "Orange, yellow and black glitters fill this bottle that reminds me of a monarch butterfly. The monarch butterfly was the inspiration for this latest polish.This polish contains, different colors and sizes of hex and square matte glitter in a suspension base. Does not contain bar glitters."

it does resemble a monarch butterfly but reminds me more of HALLOWEEN (which i love!!!!) the black glitter is matte but the big orange and yellow glitter is a little shiny. there are also tiny orange glitters in the polish. i put it over a white base. it was the first color i had on the top of my polish tote. topped off with seche vite. the pics of it are below!

i havent tried static tv yet. it is described as:
"The signal is lost and the screen goes static. Shown on swatches as one and two coats. This polish contains black and white, hex, bar and square glitters of various sizes all in a suspension base."

again the black is matte and the white has a little shine to it like the yellow and orange in monarch.the description above is pretty accurate!


  1. i am developing an indie polish addiction...very unhealthy for my bank account!