Friday, February 15, 2013

broken, bleeding hearts

my loyal few followers that have been here for awhile know that 1. my birthday was on the 13th and 2. my husband is in the military. this year my husband was called to go to Connecticut to help with snow removal. apparently there is a crap ton up there. so he left leaving me planless for bday & vday hence the broken, bleeding hearts. so yea, he owe me a cake when he gets home which is hopefully sooner rather than later. 

well my sister asked me to go to dinner (there is a restaurant here that gives you $15 off your bill for your bray so i got to eat for free!) with her for my bday so major kudos to her for not letting me sit at home all day cleaning. but i didnt have time to do my nails so i had nasty naked nails. blah! also it snowed on my bday! it does every year but this year it was extra pretty!

inspiration below

my sister insisted on trying the milky way martinis. vodka and i do not mix me a huge stomach ache and its not pretty but i figured what the heck and tried it. was not good. tasted like chocolate milk with vodka in it (a yuck for both of those)


when i got home from my bday night with my sister i had 2 packages on my porch which im surprised no one took. but the one package was a bracelet from my hubby. i opened it and cried. ive wanted a charm bracelet FOREVER...

the second package was flowers from my mom and dad in florida. again, i cried when i opened them. 29 years old and ive never had flowers sent to me (probably cause my hubby is allergic and my cats eat them) but yea i was a bawl baby

they are pretty but imagine how fitting black roses or black flowers would been. lol

dont mind the counter mess. it was the only place i could put the flowers where my cat wouldnt eat them. that was my, school work, and nails. 

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