Sunday, February 10, 2013


soooo yep i got my hands on some flocking powder. it was on sale at michaels. i paid less than $3.99 for 6 bottles of it. granted they are WAAAAY to bright for my liking (id be happy with red, white, and black ones...of course) but i couldnt pass the deal up. i have no clue what flocking powder is even supposed to be used for, other than nail art, so i will probably never use it conventionally (just like the microbeads) but oh well. just another thing to add to my huge, overflowing nail art tote. 

and i know that the last bottle of the powder looks red, but its not. its more like a fuchsia. 

so here is what i did with it...for a night...then took it off cause fuzzies stick to it like crazy and i couldnt stop rubbing the fuzziness of the powder on my nails. yea yea...texture....

so i have something else up my sleeves to try for tomorrow (?) or whenever i have another date/appointment to leave my house. i never go anywhere since all my classes are online this semester and i workout in my living room. no point in doing my nails for jillian michaels to see....... 

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