Friday, December 30, 2011

eyeballs, tokidoki, and hello kitty!

well after driving 20 hours, w/o a break, to florida and running and doing all kinds of crap the last couple days, i FINALLY got to do some niece wanted hello kitty & dear daniel on her tiny nails, my sister wanted eyeballs, and i attempted a tokidoki design.....what is funny about tokidoki is that when i googled pictures to look at, i typed in lokidoki...its funny cause my husky is named loki and i always call her lokidoki. aw i guess i just miss my furry babies at home :( but my search begins for something to do on my nails tomorrow when i wake up. everyone down here has to work tomorrow so im just gonna hang out in the hot tub and do some nails. i'm searching for something to paint that has to deal with new years and it has to be silver, black, and/or red since i will be wearing a black dress.

hello kitty has a uber tiny bow

and all she wanted to make dear daniel was blue at the top

 my sister wanted little blue and green eyes on her nails. that was easy...with different colors, like black base and my glow in the dark migi, it would be cool for halloween

my attempt at tokidoki nails. i didnt like it so it only lasted until morning when i could take it off. the pink i used is one of my new colors that i still have to post pics of. it was REALLY brighter than i thought it would be. totally loud!

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