Monday, December 26, 2011

NEW stuff and sweet designs to try!

i got a ton of new nail stuff over the past 2 days...mother in law got me a bunch of the migi nail art pens and rite aid had their sinful colors on sale for $1.99 and buy one get one half i got a bunch of them today. i will do swatches of the new colors when i get to where i am going. tomorrow morning i'm leaving for florida to see my family for christmas soooooooo once i get there and get situated, i will dig out my nail crap and post pics cause i'm sure i will be doing a buncha designs on my sisters and mom. catch ya soon, groupies! <3

and while i was home on christmas eve watching tv, i found these designs that i want to give a whirl...well cept for the one with the acrylic flowers. i need to get some of those in my nail bin first...

i'm going to try to do tokidoki designs....TRY

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