Monday, January 21, 2013

fox racing and beetlejuice

i have to start by saying that i havent been update much because somehow, my google password was changed. someone hacked my account and changed my password. i have a pretty good idea of who it was but after a couple setting changes (that the hacker didnt get to) my password is no longer able to be changed w/o me getting a text first. and like on facebook, anytime a creeper tries to log on from an unknown location, i also get a text. NOW ANYWAYS....

i can't remember where i saw beetlejuice nails at originally but i had a picture of them saved to my computer....but i tried to copy them and it didn't turn out very well. i didnt have the right color green for his hair (guess i need to head to the craft store and get more paint colors!) so instead of looking like beetlejuice, he looks like the joker from batman. LOL. well at least i tried! but of course, as always, started with a blank (white) canvas. i sponged my pointer and pinky and painted on a bat and beetles. inspiration pics below. 



after i wore beetlejuice for a day, he started chipping (i'm outta seche and need a sally's run!!!!!) so i got annoyed and took it off. i found a fox racing nail design on my pinterest feed and wanted to try it. although i'm not really into the fox racing scene, i still wanted to try it. i'm not a poser like everyone else around where i live. 
i used the ziploc bag technique. ya know, then one where you put randomly placed dots on your nails and the smoosh them all together with the ziploc bag? yea, i was trying something new. got a buncha other techniques that i want to try out as well. but the end result from the baggie is kind of like a pink and gray cammo-ish thing. 

my thumb isnt anything special. i am out of nail glue so i didnt want to put rhinestones on. instead i just threw on some pink penguin glitter (seen here) and called it a night. 

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