Tuesday, June 26, 2012

true blood & pink penguin!

okay i said i wanted to do some true blood inspired nails due to the new season starting and i finally did but yeah, i didnt clean up around the edges so oh well but here they are!


i got the pink penguin in the mail the other day. my true blood nails were nowhere chipping to take them off but i had to so i could use this glitter. it is black and white glitter with some pink glitter in it. i put it on top of julep annette that i also got in the mail the other day. (btw i can't wait to get the july maven box! check out their maven boxes here!) i got the pink penguin from f4 polish. those women are awesome and have a lot of super cute glitter polishes! 

this polish is very easy to apply and goes on very nicely. i used two coats. i also have to mention that the bottle is super cute! the label is glittery and has a big pink rhinestone on it!

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