Wednesday, May 29, 2013

eye shadow and polish gradient

well, i wanted to do cherries for sunday (memorial day picnic and stepsons bday party) but by the time i got everything done saturday and sat to relax it was 11 at night. i wanted to do pink, blue (the tiffany & co blue i used below), and white and make cherries, lollipops, and hello kitty so they would match my outfit. well turns out it was too cold to wear the shorts that are the blueish color and had to wear a hoodie too. anyways, so i didnt have enough time to do my nails like i wanted and be in bed before midnight. i have pinned a nail design like the one i did but they nails were pink with gold eye shadow. the eye shadow that i used were ones that i got from ebay from china or somewhere. never used them on my eyes, only my nails. the pink that i used is my new pink in the post before this. again, the pigments don't have any specific name. sooooooo here ya go peeps/creeps.






^^bathroom light^^

^^bathroom light^^


new polishes

went to sally's to get more seche and orly bonder base. ended up leaving with more than that....of course.

the first swatch is holographic china glaze. sallys didnt have many holos left when i got there. there was this gray, a dark blue, and a blackish color. it was hard to get a swatch picture to show the holo though. probably woulda worked better if i did the swatch pictures during the day but oh well. i applied 2 coats for the swatch. 

texture polish. not sure how i am feeling about this. its different than the leather effect texture polish i got from sephora. i did 2 coats. the first coat didnt give enough coverage but a lot of texture. after 2nd coat, coverage but not a lot of texture. soooooooooooooo idk. 

yes, another pink. i have a million pinks. this pink has kind of a blue shimmer in it. it is called choreographed chaos since i forgot to take a pic of the label on the bottom.  i applied 3 coats for the swatch. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

totally not nail related but......

....i have to share this. i talk alot about not updated due to school or working out. so okay, guess who is on the deans list again! YAY me. and i also wanted to share with you my working out transformation in hopes of inspiring some that may be thinking they want to start working out but arent sure yet. well, GET OFF THE COUCH!

anywho, im proud of what i have accomplished so far with daily work outs and eating better. family and friends are so supportive too. i look back at the pictures and think UGH who the hell is that?!

and NO im not really as tan as the picture looks in december 2011. i am pasty and was before twilight made it cool.

and for the creepers that are hating, GET OFF THE COUCH and start busting your butt. no excuses. this was achieved with at least one 20 minute workout a day for a year. thats all you need to give up, 20 minutes a day and of course your creep time online.

flowers and polka dots!

another real quickie that i did. i didnt have everything needed to make it look like the inspiration pic (flower tattoos, studs, weirdly shaped nails) so i used what I had. 

^^ see, told ya i cut them ^^

took it off and yes, my cuticles are STILL yellow

and im on the hunt for a design for this weekend. we are having a big bday bash for my stepson, along with a memorial day picnic. im sure i will find something to go with my new outfit


this was just a random mani i did because i was bored and had to throw something on for ht week since i was doing my student teaching. nothing fantastic. the yellow is from a line called piggy paint and it STAINED the hell outta my cuticles. :( i shouldve known better than to step outta my comfort zone with polish colors. 

LOL look how short my right hand is compared to my left. oh dear

JELLY sandwich!

now i usually prefer jelly with pnut butter and i usually prefer the crunchy variety on bread. i thought i would mix it up. HAHAH im a nerd

to make the jelly sandwich i used the color called Avery from Julep which santa was so nice to bring to me. too bad it is almost empty :( but it is the only color i have that has a jellish finish to it. the glitter i used is the indie glitter that i bought awhile ago called static tv. although static tv does not have the heart in it. i cant remember what other black and white glitter i used and i dont feel like digging through my tote to find out. yea, i'm tired. ready for a nap and feel like being lazy right now. 

so here are the prejelly sandwich pictures, which i LOVE.....yall know, anything black and white with red or pink has my heart

^^there are the 2 glitters i used. right there, between my legs.^^

Aaaaaannnndd taa-daa! samiched. i think i liked it better before i made it a samich. but look how long those claws are! year i cut them because it was getting hard to type.

Monster High

yes yes, i just painted my toes literally like 2 days before i did this design on them but oh well. my #1 fan (my niece in florida) saw the blue toes and for some reason loved it. she is a huge huge HUGE monster high fan. and by huge she has just about all of the dolls. okay she might be a little worse than me with my hello kitty stuff....maybe. LOL LOVE YOU TOOTZ! 

so anyways, she inspired me to do these toes. Draculaura is on my left big toe. that is the only monster high doll i have in my collection. :( and i really really really want/need skelita too! but frankie is my fav. so here they are....

Monday, May 6, 2013

sorry peeps

yes yes. it has been awhile. i have been doing nothing. i had finals 2 weeks ago and last week was my week off, so i guess my "spring break" before i start up again with summer classes. stupid me. taking summer classes. they are killer so far. ugh!

but anyways, here are the crappy quickies that i have done. i also have to mention that i bought that out the door top coat and BOY OH BOY is it really sh*tty! do not buy it. all it does is smmmmmmmmmmear. piece of garbage. it dries fast but that is about it. i got it on a trip to wally world. i didnt feel like going to sally's to get more seche and the seche is more expensive at walmart so i just went with the out the door. again, its freakin awful!

yea i know...not that creative. blah. but oh well for now. i found a design that i really want to do *hitnt* lisa frank unicorns!!!!!! so i will give a stab at it this week maybe after i finish all the work i have to do for week 1 of my classes.