Tuesday, May 21, 2013

JELLY sandwich!

now i usually prefer jelly with pnut butter and i usually prefer the crunchy variety on bread. i thought i would mix it up. HAHAH im a nerd

to make the jelly sandwich i used the color called Avery from Julep which santa was so nice to bring to me. too bad it is almost empty :( but it is the only color i have that has a jellish finish to it. the glitter i used is the indie glitter that i bought awhile ago called static tv. although static tv does not have the heart in it. i cant remember what other black and white glitter i used and i dont feel like digging through my tote to find out. yea, i'm tired. ready for a nap and feel like being lazy right now. 

so here are the prejelly sandwich pictures, which i LOVE.....yall know, anything black and white with red or pink has my heart

^^there are the 2 glitters i used. right there, between my legs.^^

Aaaaaannnndd taa-daa! samiched. i think i liked it better before i made it a samich. but look how long those claws are! year i cut them because it was getting hard to type.

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