Tuesday, January 10, 2012

first design of 2012 and swatch

well it took me 10 days, but i finally did a nail design...on my toes tho. i had the snowflakes on my toes for awhile and since it wasnt snowing (hopefully it will sometime this winter) and im still wearing flip flops...in PA...in the winter....i decided to give my toe nails a face lift. and i found out that when i was doing my nails, i am missing a whole bunch of my nail pens. im so pissed! idk if the fell outta my tote in florida or what but i guess i should be glad its not my migis missing....they are the cheapos from ebay, but they were still the cheapos that i used all the time! grrrrrrrr

swatch of 24/7 by sinful colors that i got at rite-aid. i posted pics of it in a below post. it is a bright pink matte (one of my dogs hercules, wanted to make a blog debut)

i painted a rainbow on the toe too but the pony on this toe completely covered it. when i painted it didnt anticipate it turning out this big

can see the rainbow a little bit on this toe

on my other toes i tried the "water painting" that i found on chalkboard nails' blog but quickly found out that i didnt have a big enough pointed brush. all of my brushes were too skinny :(


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