Saturday, January 7, 2012


where can i get holo polish and the jelly looking flakie polish w/o paying an arm and a leg for them? cant find them anywhere where i live. its funny cause i used to have ALL of the holo sally hansen polish when it first came out years and years ago when i was still in high school.

pretty sure my husband will KILL me if i spend that much for those polishes

(i found them on ebay but the seller wants like $20 for the flakie polish!!! that's outta control!)


  1. what kind of flakies and holos? they can be really expensive! :( i been wanting the OMG collection so bad but they are ridiculously expensive. :( sadness

  2. i think your blog is the one that had the flakies on it...i look at so many it's hard to recall... but flakies like:

    & holos like the sally hansen ones. looking for a blue or silver. i found a pink that i ordered. i'm trying to find chrome polish too but they want me first born child for it! lol