Friday, January 6, 2012

more new stuff!

lost of new stuff...havent tried any of it yet tho except for the cuticle remover stuff....

yay for glitters! michaels had these bad boys on sale with their christmas stuff

hubby got me those for christmas....

the labels are to do nail designs and the cuticle away doesnt really work...

my sister in florida had these and i loved them so i had to get them

flower stamper....did ya know walmart sells them now?

stamper i got a the flea market

matte pastels

stripe things


and more foil


  1. yes! it came with the plate, stamper, scraper, and stamper polish. all the sets that i saw were the same but they have stamper polish you can buy too...i didnt see them at walmart when i was in florida, but they have them at the walmart here in PA. i dont see them on walmarts website either. they are made by flirt