Wednesday, January 8, 2014

winter (so far)

took a break from finals to do my nails. actually, i didnt need an excuse to put off my finals

ugly christmas sweater nails. yep, the lines arent straight and idc

snowmen!!! the blue glitter has snow flakes in it. it is also from KB Shimmer. i super heart it. 

this one is poop. i did it really fast (10 minutes) to go to a birthday party since i couldnt leave the house with naked nails. 

christmas / new years

NEW polish from KB Shimmer. (the glitter) for every bottle bought she donated money to the toys for tots. it was a christmas gift but i couldn't wait until christmas to use it. 

this one drove me nuts so it only lasted a day. i had to do the tip of my ring finger lower than the natural arch so there was room for the tree. i couldnt take it!

design i wore for christmas day 

design i wore for new years eve. i cut my nails down and poop less canvas space :(

fall designs

this design was inspired by my little sister. she posted a picture on my facebook so i gave it a whirl. 

reese cup pumpkins

aaaannnnd killer koda

this is what i wore for thanksgiving. pumpkins on one hand and a turkey on the other.