Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hello kitty...again

blinged out....i used paint on nail glue to keep the stones and faces one. it was spur of the moment thing. today in the shower tho, a couple stones fell off :( and its really bothering me....i have to get on ebay and order more stones cause i used a lot of the ones i had on my middle fingers. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

emily the strange and new stuff

okay so i said i wasnt going to paint my nails for a bit but i just bought an emily the strange book from the book store at school for $1.99 and was inspired to look for an emily the strange nail design. well, i found one!

^^^her eyes were not even and all wrong after i did them^^^

^^^i fixed them when i got home from class but now the white is brighter and it looks like she has white bags under her eyes^^^

^^^kitties with a lop sided eye on the pointer finger^^^
im not good at painting or drawing eyes. i cant ever get them the same so i dont really like to do them...

^^^sabbath, mystery, nee chee, and miles^^^

 ^^^right hand is plaid^^^ i gave up for the night and just did this awful job real fast


another tutorial

now on to the new stuff.....i got these adorable hello kitty face and bow filmos on ebay.....(still patiently ((insert sarcasm here)) waiting for other items that were "shipped" to get here)

^^^got this on amazon. havent tried it cause my nails are done but the last picture on here shows what it would look like, im guessing, after playing around with the glitter to get it where you want it.^^^

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

breaking nails

yes i know postings of polish has been sllloooowwwww.....im thinking about giving my nails a break for a couple weeks (or as long as i can stand it) because my nails keep breaking. they have, for some reason, gotten thin. they're not as hard as they used to be and i cant stand the breaking anymore. i think im gonna get some prenatal vitamins this friday to help with my nails. if any of yall have any suggestions on what i can do for my nails constantly breaking, id greatly appreciate it. the base coat i use, orly calcium shield, is not working so do not bother to spend the money on it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

treating yellow nails, sugar skulls, & leopard

i wanted to first start off with this article from one of my magazines. i thought it was pretty interesting. who woulda thunk (lol) tha ginger ale could do this??? imagine what it does to your belly *shudder*

i just did this real quick before bed the other night  but had to take it off because my dog broke my nail in the morning. UGH dang dog!

i tired to do the reverse french. it didnt turn out so well. but eh, oh well....REVERSE ROCKABILLY

the right hand turned out really messy...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

look what i found!

ladies....avid nail stamper fans....check out your local dollar general. in case you didnt know, they have a whole section of "as seen on tv" crap. well today i went to dg for the "comfy jeans" (but they were all out of my size) and found a, TAAAA DAAAA, nail stamping kit for $10. it came with the stamper, 5 plates, a plate holder, and the scrapper. and yes, my nails are still breaking...broke 2 today :( UUUGGGHHHH!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


okay i tried my nail stamper. i REALLY HATE my top coat and if anyone can tell me a good one, i would greatly appreciate it! the one i have SMEARS everything!!!!!! and im still trying to get a handle on the stamper. i still like painting the designs by hand instead of the stamper....but anyways, i picked a yellow nail because she is always wearing her rain coat, pink because the house is pink, gray because of the other mother, and blue because of the picture waaaaay at the bottom of the post. i also got to use my awesome glow in the dark migi polish. YAY! ugh i cant wait to have time to do a different design...

supposed to be a key hole

this one came out better than the other one in my left hand...

okay after i painted the key, i realized that the top of the key is shaped like a button....duh me


Sunday, January 15, 2012

snow white

i tried to replicate the snow white nails that i posted below but i didnt have any newspaper to do the newspaper prints on the red nails. i painted the "evil" stepmother too, using the plastic baggie method, but didnt put enough clear on or let it sit too long on the baggie cause when i tried to peel it off, the paint cracked :( i didnt have time to redo it before we went for family photos so i will have to try it again some other time. and my gray is a little darker than the nails in the inspiration photo but eh, you work with what you got! (dont mind my super awesome skate boarding isnt a crime band aide. i got a boo boo using a nail to punch holes in a constellation night light craft i was doing with my stepson tonight ((its super awesome! makes constellations on the ceiling and walls!))...but hey! it matches my nails.)

a little messy....i finished them right before i started curling my hair so they werent completely dry yet. 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

more new stuff

my coraline nail stamper came today! i was pretty excited to find it on amazon for $20 cheaper than ebay! freakin sweet!!!

got more polishes today too! we were at walmart to get my stepson a hair cut and they were having a clearance of buy 1 get 2 free on some opi. there were only like 4colors on clearance. ive decided im going there to buy polish if i want opi because they are always on sale buy one get one 1/2 off!


no flash

(3 coats) really light gray/silver with tiny glitters

looks prettier in the bottle. i hate when that happens

silver glitter with big blue glitters  (2 coats)

gold glitters (2 coats)

kinda like a gun metal color...dark gray/black with lots of gltter