Sunday, March 17, 2013

st. pattys day

a real quickie. wasnt even going to do anything with them but i was bored while hubby was doing his weekend warrior thing. 


first pic is the black and white glitter that i stated i needed to get.

::the whole collection::

new stuff!

got new polish in the nail! yay! i was super excited when it it is

^^ i was testing it out over colors to see what i wanted to do for st. pattys day. ^^

sallys had a super sweet sale when i stopped in there. all of their clearance was an extra 50% off so i couldnt help buying the nail decals below.

i also got this sweet glitter from the Cirque du Soleil collection. it was the only one that sallys had in the store from the collection. upon further googling, i found a black and white glitter in the collection that i need (white hexis and black bars). very indie-ish.


just some random gel polish accessories. im trying to find some new colors but not having much luck. idk why it is so expensive :/

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

leather effect

so i was at sephora this past weekend. went in for some smashbox mascara (which they were out, bummer) and came out with this polish. it comes in many different colors but i couldnt find them on sephoras website to post a link for yall. soooo here is the link i found. recalling from memory, there is black, gray, red, and a nude color. of course i got black. i might return for the the only thing that bothers me about this polish is no top coat :( 
ive had it on for a day and so far, no chips (fingers crossed). 

pink with blue glitters

 yea, i wasnt feeling that motivated when i painted my nails. i figured i would try out some colors that i havent used yet. (my nail polish bin is full of those!) the pink is china glaze wicked style. the glitter is the pure ice glitter i got a couple weeks (?) and posted a blog about ago called never satisfied.

ouchies below. i got sick of my nail being broke at the corner and having to fix it everyday so i ripped it off. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

leopard and zebra

was bored watching tv so i did this last night before playing some c.o.d. it didnt last long. if you read my last post, you know why (broken nails, changing tires...). after today they were chipped and ugh so i took it off. sorry for lack of pictures. i took them today after they were all used and abused.

day 10 (03072013)

day 10 was the last and final day that i could take it. i picked it off. the regrowth was bothering me too much. i probably couldve gotten it to last for another 4 days but when something says "wear for 2 weeks" i expect 2 weeks of no chips and stuff, which i know is not a realistic expectation, but i couldnt take it anymore. 

way to chipped

below is the aftermath after awhile of buffing and filing down my nails. after taking the get polish off, i realized that i had 2 broken nails, one of which i filed down where it broke, the other which i repaired with my orly nail repair kit. unfortunately, didnt hold that well. new tires came in the mail today so i had to move all 9 of them into the house then a (old) tire blew out today while i was on my way to pick up my stepson from school so i ended up walking/running (which i didnt mind because i needed a workout) to pick him up then changed and rotated tires when we got back to the jeep. so it was an eventful day today (03082013)

day 9

not much to say. results are still good considering it is day 9 out of 14 and i touched them up a couple times.



^chipped top coat^

day 8

day 8.....wasnt so good today. left hand was good, right not so much.

of course i had to fix it so see if i could get it to last til day 14 so i slapped on some more gel polish over top of it and it seemed to hold....