Monday, February 27, 2012

LALALOOPSY! and cuppy cakes

^the "sprinkles" are my party on my yacht polish. i am totally in love with that polish. and unlike the tutorial, i glued hearts on my cuppycakes instead of painting them on. yea, i took a short cut.

i also found these REAL sugar sprinkle nails that are done with real sprinkles! they look good enough to eat! LOL

i really like the lady gaga inspired nails too!

and im looking for dr. seuss nails that i can replicate for friday since we are doing a big dr. seuss thing on friday in the k4 class

Thursday, February 23, 2012

oh lala paris!

i was bored. decided to give this a stepson thought the ballerina was a torpedo today when he saw them at school. lol whatta turd

and more new crap

Friday, February 17, 2012

some recent works of

did these nails on wednesday night. i dont like it. hubby picked out the colors. i was trying to use red and black but he picked the blues. said i bought them so i might as well use them. totally way outta my comfort zone!

^^ my mentee's, dava's, nails^^ it was my first time meeting her and i heard she was a big cosmo fan so i took all my nail junk and did her nails. she said she liked it. i LOVE the yellow and bright pink!

^^did these thursday night so i could get that freakin blue off my fingers! on my plain white nails i used my nubar "white polka dot"  glitter and my finger paints "motley" flakie. i didnt clean up my nails before taking pics but oh well....i NEED to get new white polish. the white i have takes like 4 coats to cover and then it bubbles. i HATE it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

alright! here it all is!

redish polish with some holo glitters


pink with some blue(ish) tints. TOTALLY close to the opi i have that got really thick

there is a method to all of the nude tone madness......

^^on ring finger^^

^^on middle^^

^^on pinky^^

^^on pointer^^

okay so i have a ton of glitter ALMOST like this...notice the ALMOST. i have like 4 bottles but they are all a little different. (my husband just doesnt get it)

black with multi sized glitters. was only $1.99 so i bought it

^^dollar general find^^

^^polish i made. need to get better nail polish proof glitter^^

^^more home made^^

^^more home made^^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what?! more new stuff?!

lol! i got a ton of new polishes today! i even took a try at making some of my own glitter polish. silly me...i shoulda figured that the red glitter woulda turned to polish red so it looks like red with silver glitter. so this will probably be my new obsession...making glitter polishes! just waiting to get money so i can buy the correct glitters off of ebay! i will take pics of my new stuff tomorrow. my camera battery died and its charging.

Monday, February 13, 2012

bday/vday design.

well today is my bday HAPPY BDAY to me! woot! 

my preschool class forced me to wear this crown all day at school. i love those kids <3

i decided to use my "party on my yatch" polish since it reminds me of funfetti cake! and i added the hearts for vday and more sprinkles. 

new polish that i just got TODAY! yay for surprises in my mailbox!

little pearl hearts <3