Friday, February 17, 2012

some recent works of

did these nails on wednesday night. i dont like it. hubby picked out the colors. i was trying to use red and black but he picked the blues. said i bought them so i might as well use them. totally way outta my comfort zone!

^^ my mentee's, dava's, nails^^ it was my first time meeting her and i heard she was a big cosmo fan so i took all my nail junk and did her nails. she said she liked it. i LOVE the yellow and bright pink!

^^did these thursday night so i could get that freakin blue off my fingers! on my plain white nails i used my nubar "white polka dot"  glitter and my finger paints "motley" flakie. i didnt clean up my nails before taking pics but oh well....i NEED to get new white polish. the white i have takes like 4 coats to cover and then it bubbles. i HATE it.