Monday, May 5, 2014

finally updated!

little tiny flowers that i did while watching the game of thrones last week. this design lasted ALL WEEK before i picked it off. it was inspired by my laptop which has multi-colored flowers all over the in and outside of it. 


i usually wait until summer to do anchors but i got the snazzy red, white, and blue glitter and had to try it out. (ive gotten patriotic since hubby deployed.) and i was wearing a striped anchor shirt to work the next day....

i forgot to take a picture right after i did them and like how my nail polish on my pointer is yellow. yeeaaahh.....i need to quit smoking :/


i am far from a spring fan. allergies. rain. muddy yard. dirty floor from the dogs. pastels. UGH! i wish it could be fall and winter year round! that would be nice!

so yeah, eggs and bunnies. i painted a white base on the egg nails and then put big drops of different color polish on it and smooshed (sp) it all together with saran wrap. the nail with the bunny is the color changing polish and i was told by a student in my reading class to MAKE SURE THE BUNNY IS BLUE!

see? it changes colors!

abstract flowers

this design has been all over my instagram and so, i wanted to give a go at it. i REALLY liked this design. it was fun and sparkly and i got the change to use colors i would never regularly use (green, blue, yellow).


random designs that dont really fit into a category big enough to have their own posts. 

this polish i got at the dollar store. i really wanted it for the glitter because, well, it's pink!

didn't have much to work with when i did the red with flowers. i was at my inlaws and only had a couple colors and about 1/2 an hour time. 

yellow with pink zebra. i went on vacation to florida to see my family before hubby deployed and i wanted something bright.

more pink

the fist design is one that a friend of mine sent me to see if i could try it out. supposed to be leopard and scratches. dont think it turned out that bad.

just random. sometimes i dont feel like getting too involved. the bows are made of clay. i cant remember where i got them from....probably ebay.