Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the very hungry caterpillar

theme in my room for the week is butterflies and caterpillars so of course i had to do these nails. the kids thought they were awesome, despite the flaws (smeared). next weeks theme.....plants/grass/gardens (what makes them grow). no clue what i am going to do for that. 

"don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle"

 pink sparkle nails with a balloon on the thumb. they have special meaning and i did them to wear with the shirt i have on in the last picture. my cousin in florida passed away and the saying on the shirt was something that she always said. there was a benefit walk in florida for her (scholarship fund) and my mom sent me a shirt. YAY

leather finish. disco ball.

no clue what look i was going for but this only lasted for about 2 days. i am still picking glitter out off my yoga mat and outta the carpet in my classroom. but YAY for sparkles!!! 

dry marble

dry marbling. i wasnt sure what colors i wanted to use. well, i know what colors i wanted to use. my usual go to colors (red, black, white) but figured they wouldn't mix well together and hey, what the hell, its summer so pick something bright for once STEPHANIE! soooooo yellow, green, pink, and white it was.
i used the technique that is all over pinterest. yall know, the one where it is done on the baggie, peeled off, and cut to fit the nail. HOWEVER, it took FOREVER for the polish to dry. i had work in the AM soooooooo being impatient, i ripped the polish off the baggie and ripped some of it but oh well. i still put it on. 

im a slacker

wow, again it has been awhile. again, my excuse is work, bringing work home, school, working out, and forgetting. so here is what i have been up to....

beachy....i hate the beach. i despise the sand, sun, surf, and sharks so idk why i did this design. it got messed up a bunch of times. i shoulda just taken it off. i was helping hubby carry in groceries real fast so we wouldnt miss fireworks from a local church festival while watching true blood. anyways, enough complaining. here they are.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


so last week at work we were talking about rainbows in my classroom with my kids since it has been raining so of course i had to do rainbow something on my nails. this isnt the design that i originally wanted to do but it was getting late and it was quick. they are a little chipped because i took a picture of them the day after instead of right after they were one but oh well

(notice my short pointer nail ):

ahoy matey!

hubby came home on the 6th. we had a cook out and bonfire an since the 4th of july nails didnt last as long as i wanted, i did these. i really need to invest in some brown paint when i get some money. 

4th of july

well i did these for the 4th of july. i didnt do anything since hubby was not here but go to a picnic at my paps and go see fireworks with the inlaws. the base of these was the gel polish and i used the gel top coat to cook it so it would stay longer but yeah, it lasted as long as a typical mani does on my nails. i used the gel also because my pointer nail was cracked on the side and i was trying to get it to last and not have to rip it off. yeah, that didnt work. 

not many pictures

 so i am still trying to get this updated. ugh. trying to pull links from my pinterest. btw i HATE the new pinterest. takes forever to load. it stinks so heck with it.

i cant remember when i did these. it was awhile ago. my friend came over and wanted her nails done. hubby was gone for the 3 weeks so we were having a girls' vent session/night. the "scratch" and skull design was on my nails. tutorial below

i of course changed the colors on the one that i did. the color combo one in the picture above did not strike my fancy. the color scheme reminds me of those stupid monster energy drink stickers that "cool" kids think are cool to put on everything they own. <~ can someone please explain that fad to me?

 scratch tutorial

these were my friends nails. she picked a design she saw online but it was blue instead of pink. she liked the matte finish of the bright pink so after a coat of seche there was a coat of matte. i think she is the only person that is more obsessed with zebra print than i am.....maybe

Thursday, July 11, 2013

what the poo man?!

holy poop i haven't updated in a loooooooooong time.  if you want to be more updated follow me on instagram @stephiepoo213 because all my recent stuff is on there. i am working on updating this blog but , of course, my wifi is being dumb on my phone so i cant transfer the pictures over from my phone to my laptop :/

anyways, sorry for not updating. a lot has been going on. hubby is home from his military stuff (YAAAAAY) and i got a new job working with some super great kids (YAAAAAAAY). <~ so i have been totally consumed with lesson much so that i havent touched school work in awhile or played any COD :o(