Sunday, July 14, 2013

not many pictures

 so i am still trying to get this updated. ugh. trying to pull links from my pinterest. btw i HATE the new pinterest. takes forever to load. it stinks so heck with it.

i cant remember when i did these. it was awhile ago. my friend came over and wanted her nails done. hubby was gone for the 3 weeks so we were having a girls' vent session/night. the "scratch" and skull design was on my nails. tutorial below

i of course changed the colors on the one that i did. the color combo one in the picture above did not strike my fancy. the color scheme reminds me of those stupid monster energy drink stickers that "cool" kids think are cool to put on everything they own. <~ can someone please explain that fad to me?

 scratch tutorial

these were my friends nails. she picked a design she saw online but it was blue instead of pink. she liked the matte finish of the bright pink so after a coat of seche there was a coat of matte. i think she is the only person that is more obsessed with zebra print than i am.....maybe

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