Saturday, December 31, 2011

new stuff!

left to right: 
pinky glitter, 24/7, nail junkie, love nails, see you soon, secret admirer (sinful colors), gems (milani)

the pink and pink glitter are what i used on my neices hk nails, the pink alone i used on my tokidoki nails, the chunky multi glitter is what i used on the tips of my new years nails. i havent used to other colors yet. kelsey used the blue on her toes and its really bright. the color "see you soon" is a dark blue and the color "Secret admirer" is a black with tiny silver glitter.

all the migis my mother in law got me plus my new nail pen, the hk one. of course i love it cause its hk! but the color is white.

happy new year!

i decided on painting my nails like this...there was much debate on whether i shouldve done the red ribbons and glitter that i originally planed on or these ones...this ones are more fun. i love the chunky glitter i used on my tips....just got it today at publix where shopping is a pleasure (lol yeah right). but they will still match my red and black outfit i plan on wearing

cherry blossoms

did some nails today on my friend kelsey who came to florida with me (since hubbers couldnt get off work and didnt want to bring 3 big dogs on our jeep anyways)...she is asian and wanted something asian so she decided on cherry blossoms....

the below pics were inspiration...

Friday, December 30, 2011

eyeballs, tokidoki, and hello kitty!

well after driving 20 hours, w/o a break, to florida and running and doing all kinds of crap the last couple days, i FINALLY got to do some niece wanted hello kitty & dear daniel on her tiny nails, my sister wanted eyeballs, and i attempted a tokidoki design.....what is funny about tokidoki is that when i googled pictures to look at, i typed in lokidoki...its funny cause my husky is named loki and i always call her lokidoki. aw i guess i just miss my furry babies at home :( but my search begins for something to do on my nails tomorrow when i wake up. everyone down here has to work tomorrow so im just gonna hang out in the hot tub and do some nails. i'm searching for something to paint that has to deal with new years and it has to be silver, black, and/or red since i will be wearing a black dress.

hello kitty has a uber tiny bow

and all she wanted to make dear daniel was blue at the top

 my sister wanted little blue and green eyes on her nails. that was easy...with different colors, like black base and my glow in the dark migi, it would be cool for halloween

my attempt at tokidoki nails. i didnt like it so it only lasted until morning when i could take it off. the pink i used is one of my new colors that i still have to post pics of. it was REALLY brighter than i thought it would be. totally loud!

Monday, December 26, 2011

NEW stuff and sweet designs to try!

i got a ton of new nail stuff over the past 2 days...mother in law got me a bunch of the migi nail art pens and rite aid had their sinful colors on sale for $1.99 and buy one get one half i got a bunch of them today. i will do swatches of the new colors when i get to where i am going. tomorrow morning i'm leaving for florida to see my family for christmas soooooooo once i get there and get situated, i will dig out my nail crap and post pics cause i'm sure i will be doing a buncha designs on my sisters and mom. catch ya soon, groupies! <3

and while i was home on christmas eve watching tv, i found these designs that i want to give a whirl...well cept for the one with the acrylic flowers. i need to get some of those in my nail bin first...

i'm going to try to do tokidoki designs....TRY

Saturday, December 24, 2011

nightmare before christmas

well, i decided not to do any of the nail designs that i previously posted pics of. i decided on a jack design because i love him and that is more my style. im not a fan of the red, green, santa crap....they arent finished yet, but heres some pics so far

and anyways, my nails had to match the hair flower i made to wear on christmas....jack matches way better than any splash of blue

i redid my nails but w/o all the glitter that was on them in the top two pics.....

Friday, December 23, 2011

HELP ME DECIDE on a design for christmas!

okay so i tried some of the designs for the links that i posted and idk which one to do on all my nails....i need help picking. stepson said to do all hello kitty but idk.... they are messy around the edges because idk which ones i'm keeping so i didnt bother cleaning them up.

blue with ornaments & stars, stuffed stocking, hello kitty...????

or maybe the wreath?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wish list

not sure how to make a wish list down the side of the blog like some people have....i remember seeing the option but cant remember where.....sooooooooooooooooooooo

Nfu Oh Victorian Polish Number 050

Nfu Oh Victorian Polish Number 056

okay i will take any of the flakies

abbi and her mom's nails that were done today

abbi wanted the blue she got it!

her mom said to surprise her so i gave the water marble another go...they turned out better than when i did mine (pictured in a post below)

*i didnt do these nails to make a profit. i did it to do them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas designs

here are some links to some fun ideas that i would like to try but probably will not have time. if you try them, post pics so i can see!

santa, penguin, snowman, reindeer, gman

red and white...stars and snow

christmas leopard (!)

zebra christmas (!)


filled stockings <~ robin can be a little overwhelming at first but when you use the craft paint and mess up, it comes off with rubbing alcohol

blue christmas <~ she has some pretty cool halloween nails too

cutepolish  <~ she has all kinds of easy designs for all you beginners out there

starting over

in case you didnt see the post, everything i had posted got deleted so i had to start all over last night. i got all the pics posted that i had saved, but im still working on putting links up for tutorials and inspirations. thanks for your patience!

christmas trees and candy canes

just something i did real quick...literally took me like half an hour. i'm not too satisfied with it, but it will work for now to get me through christmas shopping and gift wrapping until i have more time to do them on friday. of course by then, i have to have a bomb diggity idea to blow everyone outta the water for christmas....

^^^northern lights top coat. the little iridescent glitter is awesome!^^^ 

christmas tree tutorial
candy cane tutorial

candy cane water marble

okay i said i wasnt going to ever do water marbling again, but i changed my mind. i had to give it another try. this time i used tape on my fingers instead of petroleum jelly and the clean up was waaaaaaay easier. just a pain to get the tape on my right hand.....but i used a white base coat and marbled with red and my northern lights top coat (which is amazing btw....i highly recommend the awesome glitter top coat!) when i sat down to put the holly on, i realized that i dont have any red 2mm stones (crap), only magenta colored stones. 


i redid the nails because i didn't like the every other design....and im not a fan of the red and green color combo...yuck

ended up doing snowflakes again.....yea i know in the top pic my nail is broke, messed up, and all white instead of just a white tip. blame it on the frantic end of semester running around and studying.

snowman tutorial   <~ i didnt use this. the design i did is really simple but this one is easy too

check the below post for a snowflake/gradient tutorial


wishing for snow....this is the design i came up with to wear to my husbands military christmas dinner/party. i love it

blue gradient <~ not what i used or colors i used. i did a white base, then sponged blue so it faded and at the top i mixed gray and white to have more faded. then i sponged blue glitter on the bottom of the nail and iridescent glitter at the top

this wasnt gradient...just painted red and sponged some white on randomly. and yea, snow flakes are white, but black stands out better