Wednesday, December 26, 2012

final christmas designs and new julep!

thankfully, after much bmd, the holiday is finally over. yep, our christmas was almost ruined by someone but we suspected that was going to happen and knew it would due to selfishness. we were excited this christmas because it was the first time in SEVEN years that my husband was "allowed" to have his child christmas morning. SEVEN YEARS!!!! but that is not for this blog.
 BUT anyways, santa came, gifts were opened, wine was drank, bellies were bloated. time to catch up on sleep, paper work, blogs, workouts, and housework. 

also SO VERY EXCITED that is is currently snowing and has been snowing all day!!! I LOVE IT and i hope it stays and snows a whole helluva lot more!

OH! santa brought me 6 new juleps too! YAY!!!! i have been patiently waiting for a month to use my delaunay polish since i ran out and i used that polish for practically all of my designs on red polish. it is my FAV red polish ever!!!

inspiration (pictured below) came from a skull i put outside for christmas and a picture i found on pinterest

elf, tree, santa, candy cane, snowflakes

inspiration board below

new julep colors
pointer: eva (Raspberry crème)
middle: chelsea (Violet, silver and purple multi-dimensional full coverage glitter
ring: portia (Sheer tropical blue with opalescent glitter)
thumb: lauren (semi-matte) (Hot tropical pink crème)
delaunay: not pictured on a nail but was used above on my candy cane nail (chili pepper red crème)

want to become a julep maven? click here and sign up for some awesome polishes delivered right to your mailbox!

yes my cuticles look awful right now. im in need of a home manicure involving moisturizer.

glitter pot below came with my gift set. so now i have purple, black, and orange with nothing to do with them

glitter over top of lauren

glitter over top of eva

Friday, December 21, 2012

holy crapola!

holy moly it has been forever since i have been on here. sorry creepers and peepers! havent been up to much of anything. finals are finally done and over for this semester. guess who got another 4.0 this semester.....YAY me! anyways, one would think that with so much free time on my hands during break that i woulda been pumping out nail designs left and right. well, wrong. i have only painted my nails probably 4 times so far this not too motivated. ive been sick which today is my last day of meds. ive been cleaning like crazy and wrapping gifts and making cookies and baby mama drama so i will wait to paint them until saturday when all the christmas parties start.

so here is what i have been up two with my last 2 designs....

this was a tape tuesday design

^^christmas cuppies^^

^^i had to take a picture of this. the nail polish peeled off and looked like the nail shields. i coulda put clear on my nails and stuck them back on! okay im easily amused.^^

my pink hello kitty tree

Thursday, December 6, 2012

let the ugly color combos begin! we go with some christmas nail art. bah humbug! i'm not a red and green color combo fan. those colors are down right awful together! should be red and black. but i'm not a christmas fan.....actually im not a winter holiday fan at all, unless it's st. patty's day!!! i'd much rather it be halloween every day

enough ranting...

hubby's military christmas party was this past weekend. i ordered a dress off amazon and did my nails to match the dress. it was white with black polka dots on the top, red in the middle with a big red flower, and black with white polka dots on the bottom. very pinup looking. and very much my style since it was red, black, and white. i HAD to have this dress so i measured myself and bought it based off my measurements. it came in the mail the next day and was HUGE :( but i did my nails and didn't have time to redo them after the dress came. searched through my closet and only one dress in it fit me. guess i need to go shopping.......ANYWAYS, here are my fingers and toes. my toes are still wearing the same design

apparently i didn't save the inspiration for this design. dang it.....

my hubby's truck is broken down (after dropping over $800 into it) so his friend was here to take a gander at it. he brought his lady friend, jen, with him and she wanted her fingers done. so here are her christmas tree nails....i realized that after she picked a design that i had saved on my computer that i do not have and basic green nail polish. it is either bright green or "zombie" green...guess i need to head to the store!!!


i took inspiration below from a blog that i follow called purple castle. however they look different now. i started them last night and finished them this evening. the snowflakes now have blue glitter in the middle and small snowflakes around them. i changed mine a little so they werent carbon copies

the blue before i finished the left hand tonight. 

and i know my cuticles look horrible! i got into a fight with my husky. well not really a fight and i guess i deserved it because i was trying to remove a shirt that i put on her and she didn't want anything to do with it so she bit the crap outta me and ripped off cuticles. THANKS LOKI


her original post can be seen here

Sunday, November 25, 2012

halloween wrap up, free make-up, trashing, and come crafts

again, i have been busy busy. sorry! midterms/finals, crazy crafting, and well, just plain negligent of my blog. so here is what i have been up to.....

 i trashed my dress (i know people are probably gasping but it was totally fun) and i needed something halloween themed that was red because the whole theme around everything was halloween with red, black, and white colors. the cake we also trashed was red and black. see come pics below....

inspiration below


inspiration below

i'm not too found of this design. its too pale for the winter but it is still on there....until next weekend. the glitter is the static tv glitter that i got awhile back and never used until i did this design. but it can be seen here

my red and black splatter nails



it came with eyeliner, face primer, eye primer, mascara, and lip gloss

super awesome is over top of an other mascara


i have seen these snowman hand print ornaments all over pinterest and wanted to give them a whirl so i got some clear plastic ornaments from walmart, painted mine and my stepson's hands, and went to it

made a hair bow outta duct tape

wreath for our front door

turkey cookies!

more ornaments made with straight pins, beads, sequins, and foam balls