Thursday, December 6, 2012

let the ugly color combos begin! we go with some christmas nail art. bah humbug! i'm not a red and green color combo fan. those colors are down right awful together! should be red and black. but i'm not a christmas fan.....actually im not a winter holiday fan at all, unless it's st. patty's day!!! i'd much rather it be halloween every day

enough ranting...

hubby's military christmas party was this past weekend. i ordered a dress off amazon and did my nails to match the dress. it was white with black polka dots on the top, red in the middle with a big red flower, and black with white polka dots on the bottom. very pinup looking. and very much my style since it was red, black, and white. i HAD to have this dress so i measured myself and bought it based off my measurements. it came in the mail the next day and was HUGE :( but i did my nails and didn't have time to redo them after the dress came. searched through my closet and only one dress in it fit me. guess i need to go shopping.......ANYWAYS, here are my fingers and toes. my toes are still wearing the same design

apparently i didn't save the inspiration for this design. dang it.....

my hubby's truck is broken down (after dropping over $800 into it) so his friend was here to take a gander at it. he brought his lady friend, jen, with him and she wanted her fingers done. so here are her christmas tree nails....i realized that after she picked a design that i had saved on my computer that i do not have and basic green nail polish. it is either bright green or "zombie" green...guess i need to head to the store!!!


i took inspiration below from a blog that i follow called purple castle. however they look different now. i started them last night and finished them this evening. the snowflakes now have blue glitter in the middle and small snowflakes around them. i changed mine a little so they werent carbon copies

the blue before i finished the left hand tonight. 

and i know my cuticles look horrible! i got into a fight with my husky. well not really a fight and i guess i deserved it because i was trying to remove a shirt that i put on her and she didn't want anything to do with it so she bit the crap outta me and ripped off cuticles. THANKS LOKI


her original post can be seen here

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  1. aww i really like your santa nails :) very pretty nail designs. thank you for sharing ^.^ love your gradient!