Friday, December 21, 2012

holy crapola!

holy moly it has been forever since i have been on here. sorry creepers and peepers! havent been up to much of anything. finals are finally done and over for this semester. guess who got another 4.0 this semester.....YAY me! anyways, one would think that with so much free time on my hands during break that i woulda been pumping out nail designs left and right. well, wrong. i have only painted my nails probably 4 times so far this not too motivated. ive been sick which today is my last day of meds. ive been cleaning like crazy and wrapping gifts and making cookies and baby mama drama so i will wait to paint them until saturday when all the christmas parties start.

so here is what i have been up two with my last 2 designs....

this was a tape tuesday design

^^christmas cuppies^^

^^i had to take a picture of this. the nail polish peeled off and looked like the nail shields. i coulda put clear on my nails and stuck them back on! okay im easily amused.^^

my pink hello kitty tree

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