Monday, August 27, 2012

first rule....

and recent designs

i havent really been doing anything to my nails lately. idk why. there are a million designs that i have saved on my laptop that i want to give a whirl at but i guess im just not feeling motivated. been going on lots of interviews, trying to get crap ready for the new semester at a new school, party planning, and driving back and forth to school 2 days a week, an hour away.....

but here are two that i did awhile ago, before i got the floam and humblebee in the mail

i was wearing leopard that day

i was going on interviews. my sister made sure to tell me to make sure that my nails were boring, bland, plain. ugh it was killer but what i did is below

and now i really dont want to do any designs because i cut my nails down (before i broke them off) and my right hand is uber short :/ because everytime i cut my nails on that hand, the nail cuts crooked and after filing they are im pouting at least for today


OMG i have been waiting forFREAKINever for this polish! literally fooooooooooorever! i was soooooo excited when it came i almost peed myself!

for those of you who dont know, floam got its name because it looks like! but it is green and blue matte glitter. im really feeling the matte glitter polish phase lately. there are a TON more that i have sitting in my etsy cart just waiting for funds in my bank account so they can come home to my nail polish tote and make some friends. again, anyways, before i applied the floam, i did use a teal base so the blue glitter didnt show up that well....but i applied 2 coats of floam and seche topcoat.

humblebee is yellow and black matte glitters. again, love the matte. i applied 2 coats of it over a white base and topcoat of matte topcoat. 

as ALWAYS, the glitter polish was a pain to take off. thats the only thing i hate about glitter polish.

Monday, August 6, 2012

currently on my nails


currently on my toes

currently on my nails. **FEATHERS**

more nautical nonsense!

two different manis. was wearing red and blue on both of the mani occasions. and YES i know that my pointer finger (first pic below) is messed up. i went to bed and forgot to put my top coat on that finger.....idk how i forgot. maybe because it was late, really late, and my sleepy time gummies were kicking in.



horrible flowers and leopard

yes with this blog, i post the horrible manis along with the good ones i do. i saw this tutorial thing for the flowers and thought it was neat but it is tooooooooooo old ladish for me. and the leopard was something easy that i threw on at like 11pm on a sunday while i was watching ice road truckers...


again, it has been FOREVER since i posted anything. sorry.....i havent done that many nail designs in the past month. ive been busy writing lessons and doing school work. blah

the first time i did this mani, i had a blond moment and it took my hubby pointing out to me that we read left to right and not right to left to notice that i painted the word "HATE" on reading right to left. DUH me....