Monday, August 27, 2012

and recent designs

i havent really been doing anything to my nails lately. idk why. there are a million designs that i have saved on my laptop that i want to give a whirl at but i guess im just not feeling motivated. been going on lots of interviews, trying to get crap ready for the new semester at a new school, party planning, and driving back and forth to school 2 days a week, an hour away.....

but here are two that i did awhile ago, before i got the floam and humblebee in the mail

i was wearing leopard that day

i was going on interviews. my sister made sure to tell me to make sure that my nails were boring, bland, plain. ugh it was killer but what i did is below

and now i really dont want to do any designs because i cut my nails down (before i broke them off) and my right hand is uber short :/ because everytime i cut my nails on that hand, the nail cuts crooked and after filing they are im pouting at least for today

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