Monday, March 4, 2013

day 7 & new stuff

so i was at walmart...again....last night. i was in the nail polish aisle, which i hardly go in and wow they revamped it. it is totally different but was totally a mess and only half stocked. i was surprised to see that they now sell seche vite top and base coat (tops coat is STILL cheaper at sally's). but there is a ton of new nail art design things...most of which i already have to products to do but there were kits for the caviar nails, newspaper print kits, obmre kits (who needs a kit for that?!)....and the list goes on. i opted for some more nail wraps. im still in search of one that lasts as long as the box says that they do (without me tearing them off).

^yes, i know, i know...i shouldn't have bought this one. i have glitter exactly like it in my polish tote. i wasn't thinking. maybe i will return it for something else. ^

and here is the wraps an gel polish a week later, 2 reapplies of top coat. 2 reapplies of polish on the tips. 

ugh regrowth

ugh regrowth!

i reapplied polish and top coat on my thumb the day before this picture. it isnt holding up. 

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