Friday, March 8, 2013

day 10 (03072013)

day 10 was the last and final day that i could take it. i picked it off. the regrowth was bothering me too much. i probably couldve gotten it to last for another 4 days but when something says "wear for 2 weeks" i expect 2 weeks of no chips and stuff, which i know is not a realistic expectation, but i couldnt take it anymore. 

way to chipped

below is the aftermath after awhile of buffing and filing down my nails. after taking the get polish off, i realized that i had 2 broken nails, one of which i filed down where it broke, the other which i repaired with my orly nail repair kit. unfortunately, didnt hold that well. new tires came in the mail today so i had to move all 9 of them into the house then a (old) tire blew out today while i was on my way to pick up my stepson from school so i ended up walking/running (which i didnt mind because i needed a workout) to pick him up then changed and rotated tires when we got back to the jeep. so it was an eventful day today (03082013)

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