Sunday, January 15, 2012

snow white

i tried to replicate the snow white nails that i posted below but i didnt have any newspaper to do the newspaper prints on the red nails. i painted the "evil" stepmother too, using the plastic baggie method, but didnt put enough clear on or let it sit too long on the baggie cause when i tried to peel it off, the paint cracked :( i didnt have time to redo it before we went for family photos so i will have to try it again some other time. and my gray is a little darker than the nails in the inspiration photo but eh, you work with what you got! (dont mind my super awesome skate boarding isnt a crime band aide. i got a boo boo using a nail to punch holes in a constellation night light craft i was doing with my stepson tonight ((its super awesome! makes constellations on the ceiling and walls!))...but hey! it matches my nails.)

a little messy....i finished them right before i started curling my hair so they werent completely dry yet. 



  1. cute! too bad the baggy method didnt work as expected.

  2. i know i was so sad :( i tried to save her by adding more clear but the craft paint was too cracked :(