Tuesday, May 21, 2013

totally not nail related but......

....i have to share this. i talk alot about not updated due to school or working out. so okay, guess who is on the deans list again! YAY me. and i also wanted to share with you my working out transformation in hopes of inspiring some that may be thinking they want to start working out but arent sure yet. well, GET OFF THE COUCH!

anywho, im proud of what i have accomplished so far with daily work outs and eating better. family and friends are so supportive too. i look back at the pictures and think UGH who the hell is that?!

and NO im not really as tan as the picture looks in december 2011. i am pasty and was before twilight made it cool.

and for the creepers that are hating, GET OFF THE COUCH and start busting your butt. no excuses. this was achieved with at least one 20 minute workout a day for a year. thats all you need to give up, 20 minutes a day and of course your creep time online.

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