Monday, May 6, 2013

sorry peeps

yes yes. it has been awhile. i have been doing nothing. i had finals 2 weeks ago and last week was my week off, so i guess my "spring break" before i start up again with summer classes. stupid me. taking summer classes. they are killer so far. ugh!

but anyways, here are the crappy quickies that i have done. i also have to mention that i bought that out the door top coat and BOY OH BOY is it really sh*tty! do not buy it. all it does is smmmmmmmmmmear. piece of garbage. it dries fast but that is about it. i got it on a trip to wally world. i didnt feel like going to sally's to get more seche and the seche is more expensive at walmart so i just went with the out the door. again, its freakin awful!

yea i know...not that creative. blah. but oh well for now. i found a design that i really want to do *hitnt* lisa frank unicorns!!!!!! so i will give a stab at it this week maybe after i finish all the work i have to do for week 1 of my classes.