Sunday, January 13, 2013

more designs

this is what i have been up to lately.....i got some more new juleps too. YAY! im not sure if i have them posted in the order that i have done them. i guess that is my punishment for not updating on a regular basis (when i do each design). i DO know that i haven't taken the snowflakes off my toes. but lately i was taking the lazy way out....using nail shields that are "supposed" to stay on for 10 days (but only last 2), plain glitter, tattoos.....then again, ive been busy busy transferring schools, bmd (again), and more personal stuff that i can't mention due to creepers so sorry peepers!

anyways, recently i saw this nail stamper at the dollar store and bought it. i haven't tried it yet. i wish it came with stamping polish!!!! i tried to find a picture of all the plates but i gave up the search online so if i remember, i will takes pics with my camera.

snowflakes and swirls

okay the little beads didnt stay on that long. a couple hours before i picked them off and put glitter on instead. 

again i am easily amused and my polish peeled off perfectly

plain jane. i wanted to use a new color santa brought me. it was one of the new juleps and it has a kind of jelly like finish. 

actually, the stars are body tattoos that me niece got me. 

my pointer was supposed to say queen of rock but i put them on wrong and instead it ended up saying rock of queen.....again, duh me

current design. i was looking online at pink designs and my stepson picked the pink fade zebra. and he was intrigued with everything in my nail arsenal. he wanted to see what i used the straws for so i showed him. it was a collaborative design.  

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