Sunday, February 3, 2013

i got a heart on! (lol sorry couldnt help it)

soooooo this is what i have been up to. the first 2 pics were done in a couple minutes for a surprise date night. i couldnt decide if i was going to wear leopard, zebra, black, or red for my dinner date so i just put a combo of all on my nails. ultimately i decided to wear zebra. but these only lasted a day before i started picking it off.

the nails below are my friend's nails. i saw a pic online in my fb news feed and wanted to try it. she wanted bright colors so i grabbed a couple and headed to her boyfriend's house to paint her nails while her bf and my hubby worked on my jeep. i did it by first putting clear on a baggie, then crackle, then more clear. after it dried i picked it off and cut out heart shapes. 

i liked it so much that i decided to do it to my nails too...of course in my trademark red, black, and white colors that i always go to.

and well i was thinking about getting this tool box to put all my stuff in that i have because when someone wants me to go to their house and bring my nail stuff, its getting really hard and heavy to carry all my totes full of junk. the tool box has a handle and wheels so i could just wheel it around. i had it it my shopping cart last time i was at walmart and put it back because i didnt know where to store it in my house. hubby has one in the basement.....maybe i should steal his ;)

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