Wednesday, February 27, 2013

new stuff....

got some new stuff....

has anyone see these in walmart. i wanted to see how they would work.

this is what came in the box. only thing that is different about what is in this box is the bottle of gel top coat. so if you already have that, just buy the regular nail strips and save yourself some money. i paid $14 and some change for the box. the nail strips alone cost, what? $6? 

but all you do is apply the nail strips, like always, then put the gel top coat over it and cook it under your UV light. i was afraid to try them since my nails are STILL suffering from the last time that i used the gel polish :/

also snagged these beauties.....

freedom is read glitter with silver stars and blue hexi glitters. figured it would be perfect for the summer holidays. never satisfied is blue glitter with pink and gold hexis in it.

while searching for swatches of the new colors online and i found a swatch of SUGAR COOKIE...i love it and apparently i missed it during christmas at walmart :(

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