Sunday, September 16, 2012

pink of hearts 2012

okay so i broke down and got a hair cut yesterday. i hate getting hair cuts because when i get a hair but, they always wash my hair and as everyone knows, when it is cut wet, it always ends up being shorter once it is dried....soooooooo my TRIM ended up being shorter than i wanted but it feels nice and healthy tho. anyways, when at the salon, i couldnt pass up the OPI pink of hearts 2012 two pack for only (GASP) $8.50. WHAT?! two bottles for $8.50 you say? YES! thats what i said! but the colors are a light pink called  "i think in pink" and a glitter called "you glitter be good to me." so here are some pics....all of the pics i took were in the sunlight (either outside or in my jeep)

^^look how cute the bottles are!^^

This below is the design that i had on this past week before i bought the pink and HAD to try it out. yes, more leopard. im leopard obsessed!!!! anything leopard, i have to have! but yea, the heart on my left hand is crooked. that always happens. i can draw them on paper but everytime i try on my hand, it doesnt work. but all of the following pics were taken under a sunlight light bulb.

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