Thursday, April 18, 2013

blowing kisses

i got this idea from a tattoo that i saw. however, the lady was blowing kisses to her dog instead of a cat and well, since i like cats a ton lot more than dogs, i painted a kitty. lets just call the kitty koda. of course my top coat smeared the hearts. idk why i shouldnt expect it to do that :/

i used the pink holo polish as a base. i shouldve picked something else because it doesn't wear that long (1 - 2 days max). i forgot......

i also started a craft because i was bored. i found this hideous wreath in my craft closet and decided that it is just not up to par to hang on the front door. so i tore it all apart, painted it, and added things that more suit the keiper residence. 

finished.....blood splatter and all

i usually go over board when i do stuff like this so i tried to hold myself back from covering it with too many black flowers and halloween picks that i have laying around. sooooooo this is my new wreath for the front door to keep up in between holidays.

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