Saturday, September 7, 2013


it's the start of my halloween season! YAY! sooooooo kick off with the nail designs! 

cherry blossoms

red and white gradient. i wore these for my hubby's 10 year high school reunion. of course i was wearing red and always. but YAY all of my uber short broken nails grew back

GIANT hearts

hearts. big ones. i did these for a photo shoot that i can't post the pictures of because i dont have the cd yet....but it was super fun!! (it was a military themed boudoir.) 

gradient leopard

okay these are horrible. they were not supposed to look like this. what was supposed to happen was gradient over crackle, which looks really neat but for some reason, it didnt turn out. i did the gradient with the sponge thing that is all over pinterest (painting the stripes on the sponge and sticking it on your nail) and that way took me longer than the way i usually do it and i think the way i usually do it looks better. and i didnt want to do the leopard and zebra but they looked worse with out it than they did with it. soooo...UGH.


scrabble tiles. LOVE. so easy 

retro cherries

YES they are supposed to not have clean lines. they are supposed to look they way i did them......kinda retro. kinda vintage. again, the original pic is found under the hair, nails, and makeup board on my pinterest.


did sharks for shark week. at first they looked like angry moles because i didnt have the white of the belly painted on. took me a day to figure out what was missing. 

and these were supposed to be frogs buuuuuttttttt looked like alligators

it's been awhile.....

...but i have done a lot of designs. some of them were flops but oh well. i will still post them. im going to post them in the order that i did them or at least the order they were uploaded to my facebook and instagram. and FYI, most of the designs that i did are on my pinterest.