Friday, November 2, 2012

more october goodies!

ugh it is getting harder and harder to keep up! sorry peeps and creeps! here is what i have been up to......the pics are outta order. i did the vampire ones before the ghost and candy ones (which im taking off as i speak or well, type) hence some of the nails being broken :/

edges arent cleaned but oh well....

again unclean edges but oh well again



the teeth nail sucks! i love the tomb stone though


this year i was a zombie school girl for halloween. i love halloween! it is my christmas and better than christmas!

this is what i have been busy busy planning and why there are not as many halloween designs this year as last year. i was planning a huge halloween/wedding/vow renewal/anniversary party for hubby and i. we never had a wedding so we did for our 5 year anniversary. here are a couple pics of our halloweenish party....

i didnt do my nails by hand or have someone else do them. i used nail wraps due to lack of time. again these ones were horrible. i cant remember the brand tho. all i can say is that i got them from walmart. but the didnt stick very well and even using nail glue around the edges didnt help. however they did work well for my little sister. they fit her nail shape really good and didnt wrinkle or anything at all!