Thursday, May 31, 2012

im a slacker!

so ive been totally slacking since ive been done with school. i thought things would calm down but i was way wrong. ive been busy busy with my internship through americorp at goodwill planing a summer in the city program for a school and with my summer classes. yes...more classes even though i graduated....but anyways, here is what my nails have been up to lately....

^^^^can finally wear skulls again since im done student teaching^^^


^^that blue with silver and red glitter is seuss from whimsical ideas by pam except i put it over top of white polish so it wouldnt take as many coats to cover and so it would be brighter then i added white stars for memorial day^^

^^i have done this before with eye shadow instead of polish. (1st set done can be seen here.) i was hungry to do something more "complicated" or time consuming.^^

^^another inspiration and i love my northern lights top coat!^^

^^that is something that was a total PITA (pain in the @ss). i didnt have patience waiting for the polish to start to get thick and dry so it was stringy so it kinda ended up looking like cake icing (at least to me) squirted on my nails.^^

^^inspiration. maybe mine would look better on a black base instead of the grayish blue^^

so im sure i will be changing my design tomorrow as i found out tonight that too much of a good thing (seche vite) is a bad thing. when i put too many layers on for some reason it makes the polish on the corners of my nails start to come off my nails then i get irritated and end up picking it off. yep.....sooooo healthy for my nails.....

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