Thursday, March 15, 2012


sorry i havent been posting lately. ugh ive been really sick for awhile. idk how because there hasnt been a winter here in PA...but ive been sick more this year w/o a winter than i have been any other year that there were bad winters. ugh i think we need to move to alaska or somewhere cold. it doesnt help that strept and ear infections are going around the school like crazy! on top of being sick, my allergies are driving me nuts! anyways, enough of my pitty are some things i have done since posting last....

gel polish is the red polish and the black with flowers is regular polish.

Gel polish (used with the light). i was wondering if i could paint designs on it so i gave it a try and it worked for a couple days. 

st. patty's nails. i used the gel polish top coat then cooked it under the light so they would last until at least friday. i painted them on tuesday night and so far they are holding up pretty decently.

im not irish...and im not good with writing letters with polish.

i also have to say that the gel polish that comes in the kit from walmart claims to last 2-3 weeks. mine lasted a week not counting having to do touch ups and repaint a finger. my dishwasher broke so i have been doing dishes by hand and after soaking in the water, the gel polish completely peeled off one of my nails. the gel top coat started peeling off too. when i did decide to take it off, it was very very hard to get off and totally trashed my nails. supposedly it is supposed to come right off after soaking it in remover but, yea right, it didnt. i had to soak and pick and peel to get it off any my nails looked like complete crap afterwards.  

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