Monday, March 5, 2012


i know i havent posted anything in awhile..i havent done anything with my nails in awhile :( my husband persuaded me to partake in a "weekend" project that is taking longer than a weekend and destroying my nails. they are all broken, cracked, and chipped. i got the gel polish off and sadly it turned my nails a reddish yellow color :( :( i probably will not be using that brand again. but hopefully i will have some time tonight to do something with my nails. i need a self mani really bad right now. i finished my "honey do" list for the day so maybe he will give me the night off from working on the renovation project (yeah right) HOPEFUL THINKING!


  1. oh that is too bad! hope you get some time to pamper yourself :)

  2. ty ty! he roped me into painting and tearing the carpet out of out master bedroom...along with getting a new bed and mattresses. i broke 2 nails alone, tonight!