Thursday, March 1, 2012

SOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!! and happy birthday dr. seuss (march 2nd!)

well these are my dr. seuss nails. we have been doing dr. seuss things in my prek class all week due to his birthday on march 2nd and tomorrow we get to wear super cool dr. seuss hats that we made. we are making oobleck and green eggs and ham outta marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and m&ms (even tho i am TOTALLY against anything from the mars company due to their animal testing)

^horton's clover, green egg, thing 1 or 2, cat in the hat^

^cat in the hat, fishie, thing 1, horton's clover^

^thing 1 or 2^

^another fishie^

^this fishie is my fav so there are a buncha pics of it^

and below are new things that i got today

^ive looked at this box a dozen times. ive been wondering what is in it. i broke down and bought it even tho for me, it might be a little unconventional since i change my nails every other day. i used gel nail polish for the dr. seuss design and once i added regular nail polish top coat the polish started to peel off so idk if i can do designs on top of the gel polish with the light^

^what's inside^

^the light^

^top coat, polish, primer, cleaner^

^sally's had a sale^

^holo glitter polish^

^loose silver glitter and silver striper^

^sally's finally got some magnet polish. it was $6.99 and if you bought 2, you got the magnets free so i had to buy two^

^attraction is a dark silver color and instant chemistry is a purplish color^