Friday, April 27, 2012

been awhile....

yep, the title says it indeed has been awhile. ive been working on portfolios for school, doing friends' nails, and sick....again. story of my life...always sick! i got all kinds of new stuff in the mail that im aching to try but cant see straight to use it

^^got the microbeads for caviar nails^^

^^hexi glitters!^^

^^more hexi glitters^^

^^mini hexi glitters^^

^^pink glitter gel polish but it is very thick and i cant really get it out^^

the polishes below (except for the pink superstar) i got from the the trace face philes blog sale

the pink polish below came from style shoppe. there are a buncha other colors on the website too. it is really bright pink with holo glitters. when it dries it has a matte finish.

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