Wednesday, April 4, 2012


some designs i have done in the last couple days......yea i havent updated in awhile. sorry about that!

the pic below was the inspiration....i got a new martha stewart magazine and the ad for those dishes was on the back. i LOVE LOVE the dishes and really want them!

yea i had to do some blah easter not a pastel or easter/holiday all! >> unless the holiday is halloween or involves wine :) << anyways i only left it on for a day then took it off. that's all the longer i could tolerate the easter festiveness.

not my nails below but inspiration

went shopping the other day....bought the tube top below to wear to acrp/americorp/goodwill today so i had to do my nails to match my outfit. 

^^yea i know....its hollister...blah...but i had to have to top to wear with my pencil skirt and do my hail and makeup all pinup for "work" (acrp/americorp/goodwill) today.

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